Monday, April 23, 2007

CNN: Only the Finest in Fake Video!

This idea has been percolating around for a while, and I was not totally sure about it. But now I am finally convinced from this excellent video by Fred that even the freakin' towers in the CNN "Ghostplane" video were manipulated:

If you look at the end of the video (at 2:24), there is a very damning photo that shows what the view from the park was of the twin towers, and where the damage to the tower was.

Note WHERE the building scar was and also the SCALE of the towers were from that view.

Look at the video at 2:24 and then look at this series of photos:

Compare the size of the south tower to the buildings in front between the shot at 2:24 and the "Carmen Taylor" shot (which is the same angle and view as the CNN "Ghostplane" footage).

The towers are too big in the CNN and Taylor view, compared to the front buildings. This is beyond any doubt.

If you move forward to try to get the CNN "Ghostplane" view, you lose sight of the building scar completely, if you move back to get more perspective, the towers are going to get even smaller.

The only way to explain this is extreme levels of video fakery.

So here is what I think they did. I think they took some video from the Battery park location, and PASTED IN LARGER WTC TOWERS-- and added in a CGI plane thus-- to give an "enhanced view" of the towers and "plane" and the impact.

This is why the camera motion is so fake-- because the whole thing was cobbled together as a montage.

No way would any cameraman be able to pan up so quickly to capture a plane flying over his head at 540 mph-- and then perfectly follow the movement of the plane!

But it can be done here because the camerawork and video is all totally bogus!

This CNN footage is FAKED beyond any doubt, and thus it doesn't even matter what the plane is doing-- the whole fucking video is a fucking fake.