Sunday, January 01, 2006

Just one plane used on 9/11?

Let's postulate that no real plane hit any target, and the building and ground damage was all done by bombs and missiles (and perhaps various high-tech gizmos), with sprinkled in plane parts.

Certainly it might be useful to have a plane flying near the targets, giving eyewitnesses and earwitnesses some idea that real planes were part of the attack.

The key idea here is that just ONE PLANE, say a Boeing 767 (perhaps Woody Box's extra flight 11) could have had time to mimic all four flights on 9/11. It could have first mimicked flight 11, but overflew the WTC, then in 15 minutes it could have doubled back to mimic flight 175-- then if it overflew the WTC again, it still would have easily been able to overfly the Pentagon at around 9:30-9:45, and then it could have trucked over to Shanksville easily in time for the plane sightings there around 10am!

I think this timing issue must mean something important about 9/11, but I'm not sure what...